Saturday, 27 July 2013

this is the end

Dear all,

"Visitors" has come to an end. The exhibition was open to the public for 19 days and during that time it was visited by almost 250 people. The response has been overwhelmingly positive; apart from good reviews, we heard stories of photographic experiences, favourite cameras and family photos - and we were even hugged!

We would like to wholeheartedly thank Migle Backovaite, Nóra Barabás, Nathan Duarte, Dai Howell, Hanan Kazma and Birgit Zartl for agreeing to participate. 

Running the exhibition has been a very rewarding experience and it gave us the push to continue. We gave our project a name - the*kickplate*project and the next exhibition is called "behind her 'I's", opening for three weeks on the 3rd of August at the same address.

So thanks again to the artists and to everyone who came, some more than once, and for all the help and support we got from the local community and our families. Diolch!

You can continue to follow our project on our new blog.

We are now trying to raise funds for our project and gallery through kickstarter - please take time to have a look at it and share our project with others - we would really appreciate your help!

Thank you and see you soon,
Zosia and Dafydd

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